Three canoes: plans and instructions for under £8

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The Canoe Shop

From the notes on the back cover:

The Canoe Shop arms you with complete plans and step-by-step instructions for building three graceful and rugged touring canoes, including a 12-foot double-paddle canoe, a 14-foot solo, and a 16-foot tandem. You needn’t be an experienced boatbuilder to get the most out of this book. All that’s required are a few common tools and the most basic woodworking skills. The secret is Chris Kulczycki’s original LapStitch approach, which combines traditional lapstrake boatbuilding with the simplicity and ease of modern stitch-and-glue construction. With the help of 170 photos and illustrations, Chris walks you through the entire process for all three designs from reading the plans to painting or varnishing your new canoe.

And all for under £8, plus postage.

Buy it here: The Canoe Shop

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