Some snaps from La Roche Bernard

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Brittany 2007 Brittany 2007 Brittany 2007

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I’m shattered after a long weekend playing music at a festival in Brittany. It’s been great fun, but I haven’t the energy to write too much tonight. Still, here are some photos that might particularly interest those of you who would have enjoyed a stroll around a harbour but didn’t manage to fit one in this weekend.

Why did I include the last image? Only because it made me smile! In common with many Breton towns, La Roche Bernard has a stronger sense of its history as a seaport than any town I know in the UK – even the beer bottles bear an illustration of one of the area’s distinctive heavy two-masted luggers. I wonder whether any breweries put traditional boats on their bottles in the UK? Answers on a postcard please…

By the way, if you have any information on any of the boats shown here, do please send it in so we can share it with other interested readers. Thanks!

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