A mystery boat at Chatham

Chatham mystery Chatham mystery Chatham mystery Chatham mystery

I saw and photographed (very poorly, I’m afraid) this interesting double-ended working boat in a corner of a shed at The Historic Dockyard Chatham but couldn’t find any information or anyone who could tell me about it.

It’s clearly meant for fishing, as it has a live well, and a wonderfully tattered spritsail. But what is it? A Medway doble? A peterboat? Answers by email please to gmatkin@gmail.com – I’d love to know!

If someone you know might know, please send them this link: https://intheboatshed.net/?p=433

PS – Almost 12 years have passed since I posted this appeal for information, yet today North Kent boating enthusiast Richard Murr got in touch to let us know what the Historic Dockyard Chatham hadn’t told us – that RR35 May is indeed a doble, and one of only two surviving examples. Thanks Richard!

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