A question of puddings and moustaches

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Can anyone help Mike Goodwin, the man who once owned and still loves Blue Moon?

He needs to find out how to make a moustache or pudding for a tugboat, and says that the last man that he knew who had the knowledge has passed away. The pictures show what I’m talking about: the moustache is on the left, and the pudding is on the right.

Mike knows how to make up fenders, he says, but he needs to know how to make a genuine moustache or pudding. Can anyone help? If you can please email me at gmatkin@gmail.com.

Moustache Pudding

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  1. I've seen Des Pawson in action but couldn't remember his name, and didn't know about the other people at all. The Trafalgar Marine Services clearly have a small moustache in their catalogue – the question will be whether they'll want to share the information with Mike, or sell him one!

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