Fishing in Scotland a century ago

Resources for Learning in Scotland (RLS) has what it calls a Pathfinder Pack on fishing in Scotland in the 1900s, when most Scottish fishing boats were powered by wind and muscle. But things were about to change: steam power had just arrived and the internal combustion engine began to be used later in the decade:…/record.php?usi=000-000-001-269-L

The historical material is good but if you open the main site ( and search for fishing a wealth of potentially very interesting images comes up in thumbnail form, but that’s all. Could this be the most frustrating website I’ve seen this year? Yes it could!!!

I could understand it if the photos were in danger of being used commercially in some way, but they’re not – in fact, they’re so small they’re not only painful to look at but would still be unprintable at 10 or more times their current size. Oh well… Perhaps if someone they might listen to could mention it?

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