Loch Fyne skiff Rowan

Or maybe you fancy a 29ft Loch Fyne skiff? Peter Gregson of Wooden Ships says he has known her for many years and sold her to her last three owners. Photos of her launch have survived and the first owner wrote a fascinating little books called Leaves from Rowan’s Log, recounting his first pre-war cruises around the West Coast.

Rowan is obviously a very characterful boat: apart from being constructed to a design harking back to an old-fashioned fishing boat, she was built by McGruer and is said to be in really nice condition, having been owned by a retired West Country vet for the past five years. Apparently, Ed Burnett re-designed the rig a little for the owner, but she still has her Kelvin diesel and is generally little changed from original: take a good look at the details of that elegant saloon, for example.


Rowan saloon Rowan bow Rowan ster n

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