Tempting plans for the boat-dreaming season, part III

Well, I suppose it’s time for one of mine, finally. Here’s a two-sheet plywood dink I designed to be narrower and longer than the usual short and fat two-sheet flattie, with the intention that it would both look and row rather better without much more building work.

I had to make her a shade boxier forward than I’d hoped in order to work in a reasonable amount of displacement, but as well as carrying more crew and cargo overall, the extra shape will make her drier and more bouyant also.

I think she meets the design criteria pretty well.

If you’d like to build a little boat for your pond or as a tender to a larger boat, you might think of it as a Christmas present from me! If you do build it, do please let me know, as I’d love to hear about it.

Whoever you are, have a great Christmas holiday break, and I hope you’re looking forward to more www.intheboatshed.net in the coming year.

Download the files in the form of a zip file here: Light dinghy plans download

Light Dinghy

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2 thoughts on “Tempting plans for the boat-dreaming season, part III”

  1. Hello,
    Have been looking through this site at the amazing free plans and wondered if anyone has plans for a 8ish ft rowing boat/tender. Or, is it possible to reduce the dimensions of the light dinghy to suit.
    I require it as a tender first and foremost but would like to use it to row up the river nicely. That said I would respectfully prefer the plans to be laid with a vee bow.
    Can you help…I am a hefty 23 stones and will have a 9 stone passenger.
    Many thanks.

    1. A V-bowed boat has less bouyancy than a pram – that is it can carry less weight… So I’d argue that if the length must be 8ft, a pram will be the boat for you. The Light Dinghy would have to be built full-length to be useful to you also.

      My guess is that you’d be better off looking at a commercial pram design – or a longer boat.


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