Some tempting designs for the boat-dreaming season – part I

Many people start thinking about their holidays at this time of year, but boat and boating enthusiasts are also plotting how to make the best of the coming boatbuilding and boating season. Maybe you need a boat for a child, or to develop your skills, or something quick and easy that will get you on the water quickly? Or are you looking for a particular kind of boat you can’t buy? Perhaps you’d enjoy building something that will turn heads as you pass by?

With my Santa hat on, I’d decided to introduce some plans to tempt you over the next few days.

The first is relatively easy. It’s not exactly traditional boatbuilding but has lots of the detail boatbuilders used 40-50 years ago, and with its heavy steel centreboard, it would make a nice steady boat for pottering around in sheltered waters. Of course it would still need some bouyancy bags to be considered safe in our day and age, but that’s only right. Click on the images and the instructions and plans will come down the wire in the form of a pdf.

Actually, they’re well worth looking at, both for the old-world building details, including a boatbuilder who wears a hat at all times and for an oddly camp collage depicting rapt sailors of all ranks.

The plans come from here:

Click on any image below to download the plans and instructions. And if you do build the Biloxi dinghy we’d love to hear about it!

For more small boats:


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