Conrad Natzio’s Little Grebe

The Thames Traditional Boat Society’s boats are fascinating and beautiful – but there are lots of us who would doubt our ability to handle that narrow-gutted punt and quite a few who might be nervous of the Thames skiff’s clinker construction. So here’s a nice achievable project for the rest of us: Conrad Natzio’s Little Grebe.

Little Grebe is simple and makes an attractive first home-built project, and because she’s also small and car-toppable she’s also the kind of little boat that’s easy to transport and launch, often by one person. What this convenience means in practice is that she’s the kind of boat that is likely to get a lot of use. Overall, I think she makes a very attractive package for a first project.

For more of Conrad’s designs, see:

Little Grebe Little Grebe

Little Grebe LIttle Grebe

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