Dear Father Christmas…

As it’s so nearly Christmas, I’d like to make my request for a present!

If I could please have just one more boat, I’d REALLY like this one:


3 thoughts on “Dear Father Christmas…”

  1. She's a very different kind of boat – thrills and spills is the name of her game, and I think she'd be challenging and fun to sail on a warm sunny day with just the right amount of sea breeze. And I'd love to see the looks on the faces of the Laser sailors when they saw how fast a traditional-looking boat can sometimes be.

    The Light Trow will be much calmer work!


  2. Yes, she's much narrower and sharper and with a greater sail area to length ratio, so obviously more zippy and probably more tippy too. Any rivalry would be in good looks and style.

    That Apple looks tasty too.


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