Some dreamy photos from Maylandsea

Tonight I thought you might like to see some more of my holiday snaps.

This time they’re of the barges Pudge, Wivenhoe and Xylonite, which I managed to photograph one afternoon and evening while sailing with my friend John Adams 18 months or so ago. I hope you like them… Let me know in the comment box below if you want to see more!

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3 thoughts on “Some dreamy photos from Maylandsea”

  1. Lovely photos Gav. Watercolour light. Not much sailing to be done on a windless day like that. Is there a nautical reason for the old tyre hanging from the jib halyard?

  2. The wind was ok during the afternoon, but died towards evening.

    The old tyre is the barge-skipper's traditional way of indicating he's motoring – the official equivalent is the black ball in the foretriangle, or the yotties' mainsail-only arrangement when motorsailing.

    Barge people are just different I guess!


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