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Simon Papendick fixes up a Fox and Son motor launch


jstarmotorboatrestoration jstarmotorboatrestoration2

Mobile boat restorer, repairman and sailing instructor Simon Papendick’s weblog shows him restoring a Fox & Son of Ipswich motor launch originally built around the 1960s. See the photos here. To see earlier posts relating to Simon’s projects, go here and click through the ‘earlier posts’ links.

The Wherryman’s Web

The Wherryman's Web

Mark Harvey has pointed out this great weblog about The Norfolk Broads by Steve Silk, the author of a guide to the Wherryman’s Way long distance footpath.

It’s not exclusively a boating weblog, but it is about a favourite sailing area, and it is beautifully done. Try these posts for a sample: Thurne Dyke: Albion by accident; Burgh St Peter: a new ferry for the Burgh Bulge; Bixley: the unloved St Wandregesilius.

Thanks Mark!

Claudia Myatt’s six top tips for maritime artists

Claudia Myatt sails

Claudia Myatt is a talented and highly effective maritime artist who knows how to conjure up a form in a few sweet lines – see some samples of her work here.

Her site also has a nice download of traditional boat drawings for kids to colour-in, which might provide some entertainment for children shut in due to all the bad weather we’ve been having.

Claudia has drawn up her six top tips for drawing and painting boats and ships. They sound like they could make all the difference to those of you draw well enough to find the experience rewarding – and if you do I can’t tell you how envious I am!

My thanks to regular intheboatshed.net reader and contributor Paul Mullings for leading me to this one.