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Can we save UK’s oldest fishing vessel, celebrate the unique Fal Oyster and help recruit youth into a traditional sailing fleet?

Can we save UK’s Oldest Fishing Vessel, celebrate the unique Fal Oyster and help recruit youth into a traditional sailing fleet. from Fal Oyster on Vimeo.

I’m not sure about the claim that Shadow is the oldest fishing boat in Britain (see Boadicea, Emma and another local star Vivid), but that doesn’t change the story in a way that matters a jot in the grand scheme of things – those Fal folks have a good idea and I hope they succeed.

How steam turbines work

From 1946, this British Council explained something to me about the genius of Parson’s invention that I hadn’t previously grasped – the role of the fixed vanes in the steam turbines that used to power mighty liners and other ships. And of course it’s yet another wonderful example of how differently we spoke in those days…

My thanks to Andrew Craig-Bennett for spotting this one.

Biddy the Hastings tub man on the British Pathé website

Biddy the Hastings tub man

Our friend Malcolm Woods spotted this little gem of a film showing Biddy the legendary Hastings tub man in action nearly a century ago – his tub and various cuttings and photos are still in the fisherman’s museum at Hastings, but this really brings his particular crazy way of making a living to life. Thanks Malcolm!


Classic Yacht TV – short videos about sailing classic yachts and working craft

Classic Yacht TV has been set up to offer short documentaries from the classic yachting and work boat scene on a monthly basis.

The folks behind it are London-based photographer and multimedia artist Emily Harris, who grew up sailing and sculling on the East Coast of England in smacks, yachts and dinghies, and photography and film production expert Robin Weaser.

They say they’re looking for advertising and I wish them better luck in that direction than Intheboatshed has experienced – despite notching up more than 18,000 uniques a month…

A video for the kids, grandchildren or your own inner child: Gulp!

So that’s what a fisherman does in his little clinker-built boat!

This clever little stop-motion video was apparently all shot using a Nokia N8 mobile phone.

I wonder how they attached it to the tripod? And isn’t it remarkable how a fisherman has nothing to fear from hazards such as drowning and explosions? I guess it would be best not to take it all too literally…

PS – I didn’t get a chance to do it earlier, but I’ve now seen a YouTube about YouTube vid about how Gulp! was made. Try not to miss it. Yes, to make a film like this you need a mobile phone with a good camera, but you also need loads of people and – as Dale observes below – a crane that’s really quite large.