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Briscoe: Oyster Grounds, Clewlines and Buntlines, Man Overboard and The Heaving Line

‘But those sailor-men have no truer friend than Arthur Briscoe, who so faithfully interprets their lives at sea.’


Alan Villiers’ photographs on the Royal Museum Greenwich’s wonderful Flickr account

A selection of Alan Villiers famous photos appears on the Royal Museum Greenwich’s wonderful Flickr Photostream.

Villiers seems to have been a naturally talented photographer, but I’m also struck by the sharpness and contrast of the images he was able to take using large format film on his Box Brownie camera.

Wonderful old photos from the Museum of Ireland Flickr

These fabulous historical shots come from the National Library of Ireland on The Commons – a collection that’s well worth a bit of time, and not just for the boat and sea related shots.

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