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Star Yachts’ strip built 22ft cabin motor launch

Official launch of Star Yachts Bristol 27 Morgana

Official launch of Star Yachts Bristol 27 Morgana Official launch of Star Yachts Bristol 27 Morgana Official launch of Star Yachts Bristol 27 Morgana

Official launch of Star Yachts Bristol 27 Morgana Official launch of Star Yachts Bristol 27 Morgana


Win Cnoops of Star Yachts sent over these photos of the official launch of the Andrew Wolstenholme-designed Bristol 22 strip-built cabin motor launch his company is offering these days.

I think it’s a pretty thing and I hope it catches on – it’s not exactly old fashioned, but has some old fashioned ideas about it that make a handsome craft that serves to show how strange, angular and droopy-nosed motor boat design has become.

Among other things, it would make a very appropriate committee boat for an up-market yacht club looking for a bit of class rather than the usual plastic club-tub.

Combining features of a 1920s gentleman’s launch and a more sturdy harbour launch, the Bristol 22 has a narrow, easily-driven hull that requires needing only a relatively small engine – so much so that on a river or canal an all-electric version is practical. The layout of the boat provides for overnight or short holiday accommodation in the forward cuddy.

If you’re a Facebooker, why not ‘like’ the new Star Yachts Facebook page, where you’ll be able to follow the building of the 27ft version?

Restored Norfolk Broads half-decker Jamesia II back on the water

Jamesia II afloat April 2011

Restored Norfolk Broads half-decker Jamesia II back on the water. Click on the image for a larger shot

Mat Gravener has sent us this shot of his repaired and restored Norfolk Broads half-decker Jamesia II back on the water following lots of work over the winter. She’s certainly looking as pretty as a picture.

Mat reports that she was launched on the 23rd April 2011 and immediately floated on her marks. She took on a little water but, as he says, that was to be expected after being out of it since 2004!

He then sailed her back to her moorings and found she performed very well, even with just the mainsail set.

For more posts featuring Jamesia II and Mat’s earlier projects, click here.


A 1900s RN sailing cutter converted to a yacht


Converted RN sailing cutter So Long

Ben Wales (check the recent post about his motor launch restoration) has sent in a photo of a most interesting two-masted yacht that he says has lived on Oxey Lake, near Lymington, for over 20 years.

This boat is named So Long and Ben says she was built originally as a 32ft Royal Navy sailing cutter, which he believes were built around the turn of the century and often called DH boats.

This particular boat was built around 1908 and originally had a gun placement on her fordeck. She was sold to her present owner in the 1960s; he carried out a major refit with new decking and cabin, and a ketch rig. What a gorgeous little boat he created! If anyone has information to add, do please let us know – either using the comment button below, by registering with the forum (right) or by emailing me at gmatkin@gmail.com.

Thanks Ben. I now know what kind of boat I’ll sail if I ever get to heaven.

Marcus Lewis’s boats take the lead in racing at Cornish regattas


polruan regatta 018

Fowey River dinghy No 54 Four Brothers sailing around before the start of the Polruan Regatta held on Bank Holiday Monday

Fowey boatbuilder Marcus Lewis has sent me this photo from Cornwall to mark a series of outstanding successes in local regattas.

After a week at Fowey Regatta in which she won three out of seven races ande claimed the Overall Cup for Fowey River dinghies, Four Brothers also raced to victory in the Polruan Regatta, in which she snapped up the Silver Cup.

In one race during Fowey Regatta No 54 was challenged by Marcus and Johnny Nance in No 53 Kingfisher but Four Brothers leapt into the lead on the last lap and took the winners gun.

Both boats were built by Marcus at his workshop in Fowey and were launched this year. See Marcus’s website: http://www.woodenboatbuilder.co.uk

Marcus is currently restoring a Mevagissey Tosher built by Percy Mitchell, and I understand the refurbished boat will be for sale.

A clever rotating model of the Julie skiff



David Booth’s model of the Julie skiff – click on this image to see his rotating model

Intheboatshed.net reader David Booth has provided me with some entertainment today with a rotating photo of a model of the Julie skiff he has made. Click on the image above, click on the image that pops up and you’ll see what I mean.

David’s seriously considering building the full sized boat, made the model as a step along the way, and then realised that it was a good subject for so clever software he has developed – Rotafota. Click here for another more refined sample showing what it can do and here for the product website.

Paul McGuire’s models of the Julie skiff


Model compare port

Model bow Model stern

It’s always nice to hear of people’s interest in building one of my designs, and very pleasing too when they go so far as to make a model. So I’m delighted Paul McGuire has made two of the Julie skiff rowing skiff – the first is the standard A4/letter paper size you’d get from a normal domestic printer, and the second he made by blowing the original download up so he could use a bigger piece of card.

Thanks Paul! Has anyone else made either a model or the real thing? We’d very much like to hear from you at gmatkin@gmail.com.

For more on the Julie skiff:
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Complete free plans package for the intheboatshed.net flat-bottomed 15ft 6in skiff
Not forgetting the smaller versions:
Free plans for the intheboatshed.net Ella skiff now online and available to download
Sunny skiff 14ft plywood flattie plans

These boats are designed to be built using the stitch and glue technique – if you haven’t done this before you might be interested in my book Ultrasimple Boat Building: 17 Plywood Boats Anyone Can Build Sunny skiff 14ft plywood flattie plans or one of the other books on this topic available from Amazon Sunny skiff 14ft plywood flattie plans.

Interested in Bob Hinks’ Cirrus? Contact him to arrange a date to sail her



DSC00178_2 DSC00211_2 DSC00199_2

DSC00179_2 DSCF1137


Bob Hinks, who graduated from the Boat Building Academy a little while ago, is looking for commissions to build up-market day-sailors along the lines of his widely admired Cirrus.

He explains:

Cirrus was conceived as a classic gentleman’s daysailer, designed to be fast, sail beautifully and look a picture. A miniature J class yacht is what we set out to achieve, and I think we got pretty close.

‘She was designed with a particular sailor in mind – someone who might have a larger boat but who wants to get back to the fun and excitement of sailing a smaller boat on offshore and inland waters. She is unashamedly a luxury item built to exacting standards in everything from her teak decks to her purpose built fittings.

‘I think her market is Poole, Mylor and Chichester Harbours, the Norfolk Broads, the Solent, Western Isles of Scotland, the Caledonian Canal, Lake Windermere and many other beautiful locations worldwide. With a lifting keel and rudder, and a minimum draft of only 500 mm, she can easily be moved on her trailer from one sailing area to another.

‘The price of £40,000 might seem high – but she cost £20,000 in materials alone, and took 2400 hours to build. If I took the drive system out of the equation she would be £7000 cheaper – but it is such great thing I don’t want to. The electric motor just makes the boat very easy to control. Getting in and out of a harbour is quick simple and nearly silent. When motoring up a creek to the pub there’s no smelly fuel or exhaust, and the quiet engine is blissful.

‘I enclose some pictures of Cirrus at the Beale Park Boat Show, which was a great success. She was sailing most of the time and looked wonderful – we had as many as five and a dog on board at one point. The pond is only just over a meter deep so we had to sail with the board and rudder up but she still performed like a dream. She was described as the belle of the ball, and I spent my time doing interviews and sailing, and dealing with many interested enquiries.

‘There are various changes I plan to make on the next boat, including a slightly heavier keel with an electric winch, repositioned bilge pumps and a modified rudder lift device. If the orders come in, I’d like to build two or three boats, one of which would be similar but a bit longer and with a small cuddy.

‘I hope to sail the boat in the South of England this summer starting with Mylor harbour in a couple of weeks – if anyone is interested in the boat and would like an opportunity to sail have a go at sailing her, I’m sure we can arrange it.’

Bob can be reached by phone at 07785 346072 and by email at bobhinks@btinternet.com.

cirrus_flyer-10 cirrus brochure

Cirrus publicity material