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Creeksailor films The Norfolk Broads

Dawn on the River Ant

The Dilham Canal – see Creeksailor Tony Smith’s weblog

I remember going up the Dilham canal in my kids’ little Mouseboat years ago – it’s well worth the trip to find a lost part of The Norfolk Broads.

And while I’m at it… photographer Lord Paul is the man who is everywhere on The Broads. If you don’t already known the network of rivers, staithes, lakes and peat workings, his collection of YouTube videos certainly provide a taste of what you’ll find.


The Family Navy Prepares, 1948

The Family Navy Prepares


A promotional video about holidays on the Norfolk Broads made in 1948. Holidaymakers were allowed 100 miles-worth of fuel for engines but otherwise had to rely on the wind. which ‘still blows from all quarters, uncontrolled and free of tax’.

My thanks to BroadlandMemories on Twitter for the tip!

Another Christmas present: the Museum of the Broads calendar

Photos by Alan Davies of the Museum of the Broads

Here’s another suggestion in a series of posts about last-minute Christmas gifts… These entertaining shots are included in this year’s Museum of the Broads calendar – I gather they’re just a £5 if you contact the museum.