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More information about the Kent-built ‘Blackwater sloop’ Gadfly II

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gadfly-3 gadfly-2

Gadfly II – she’s fairly clean, but there’s still plenty of work to do!

We’ve had a short message and a few more photos of Gadfly II from boatbuilder and restorer Simon Papendick.

‘Since I contacted you last on the website, I have found out more about the boat’s history and type of boat she is – or at least the design she was built to.

‘It appears that Gadfly II was built in Kent, as was I was lead to believe was the case. However, she was built to look like a Blackwater gaff sloop called Iolanthe and has the same hull design and dimensions.

‘The only different between the two boats is that my boat has an extra 3in depth in the iron keel. I have attached a few photos of the work in progress to restore this fine old lady to her former glory.’

Iolanthe appeared in Classic Boat magazine September 2004. I should get my copy out and have a look!

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Simon Papendick, who runs J-Star Tuition & Boat Services, can be reached at 07799401650 and info@jstartuition-boatservices.co.uk.


Latest issue of Troze describes maritime life in Falmouth during World War I

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The captured Kronprinzessen Cecilie at Falmouth, courtesy of the Charles Fox Archive

The latest issue of the NMMC journal Troze presents A Quaker Record of Maritime Falmouth in World War One by Pamela Richardson.

The paper presents the  story of the leading Falmouth ship agents the Fox family  during World War I, focusing on the internal struggles of families with differing views of war and their duties as citizens of a nation at war, the way the town as a whole coped with an influx of strangers, both friend and now foe, and finally its return to peace.

Pamela Richardson is University of Exeter Honorary Fellow, and writes and speaks on a variety of Quaker-related subjects.

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