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Fiddler’s Green

John Conolly’s evergreen Fiddler’s Green seems to have been largely forgotten among folkies (they probably sang it a bit too much decades ago) but it’s still popular with working boat folks including fishermen around the creeks where we keep our little boat. This recording… well, it’s not perfect but I’ve been trying out some new equipment and it seemed a shame to waste this take!

Where is Fiddler’s Green? Who knows, but the Wikipedia tells me it’s a ‘legendary imagined afterlife, where there is perpetual mirth, a fiddle that never stops playing, and dancers who never tire’. It sounds like one of the better folk or maritime festivals, or – as Chris Brady points out in the comments link below, like a fishermen’s do in a Norfolk pub thirty or forty years ago…

The Mainly Norfolk website has a page of information about the song.

PS – Here’s another song for those who enjoy this important aspect of our cultural heritage. This time it’s a story song designed to warn young sailors that there are many false friends offering broad smiles and warm who are only too keen to take their money while it lasts – and will quickly turn them away when it runs out…

The Sailor’s Hornpipe

Our pal Rosie Davis steps the Sailor’s Hornpipe in a live recording of the lunchtime session at the Frittenden Old Fashioned Night Out weekend, 2012.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the pub crowd asking her to demonstrate various ship-board activities, some of which are more serious than others!

The tune, of course, is the College Hornpipe, which is traditional for this dance. I apologise for my momentary flakiness near the beginning!

For more doings organised by Julie and Gavin Atkin see: http://frittendenfestival.com.

For more about Rosie, see: www.scorpweb.co.uk/html/rosie_davis.html

The image is an 1889 engraving of sailor’s dancing. Copies are available at www.old-print.com.

Sailing By played on the two-row melodeon

Sailing By – the famous theme tune of the BBC Radio Shipping Forecast for British waters, shoe-horned onto the two-row melodeon.

It represents another triumph, I think, for the ingenious inventor of this intriguing Rubik’s cube of an instrument!

John Krause’s Julie skiff fitted with an electric outboard

Julie skiff built by John Krause

This is John Krause on a fishing outing in his recently built Julie skiff made from ply and epoxy. He adapted the 15ft-something rowing skiff’s transom slightly for use with an electric outboard, but it still looks pretty well, don’t you think? Well done John!

There are more pictures at John’s weblog.

Julie skiff boat building plans are available to download for free here. Free plans for similar boats at 14 and 12ft are also available on this page.