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The Cornish coast, 1948

Another World

Take a tour through St Ives’ labyrinthine cobbled streets, with names like ‘Love Lane’, ‘Fish St’ or ‘Teetotal St’, and encounter an array of colourful characters along the way. From well-weathered fishermen to artists, including Leonard Fuller, who appears with a group of students in tow from his St. Ives School of Painting, to George Bradshaw who founded the St Ives’ Society of Artists. And, as the narrator points out, “there are cats everywhere” – no doubt due to the endless scraps of fish at their disposal.’

Farewell Topsails

My thanks to Hans Christian Rieck for this gem!

Cornish fishing village Mousehole, in the 1940s

My thanks to Cornish boat builder Marcus Lewis for this one!