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Paintings by Albert Strange and etchings by George Holmes – the charm of the ASA

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George Holmes etching At Wisbeech

George Holmes etching Snippet on Posts Albert Strange painting of trawlers at the Albert Strange Association website Emerald at the Albert Strange Association website

Two charming etchings by George Holmes, trawlers painted by Albert Strange, and Emerald

Editor Dick Wynne has been busy putting some very nice posts up at the Albert Strange Association website. I’m particularly charmed by George Holmes’ etchings, a painting by Albert Strange himself, and the photo of Emerald. And there’s a nice contemporary piece about the development of the canoe stern to read as well. I’d say it was essential reading!

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A brief escape with Onawind Blue – and some other weblogs

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Onawind Blue goes sailing

Ben Crawshaw’s Invisible Workshop always provides a welcome dose of sanity when it’s needed, and his new post yesterday was no exception. In fact, it was better than ever: as I watched his video on YouTube I could feel the breeze and the water, the roll of the boat and the sense of freedom – until it was all over. Then when I had a chance I played it again, and again… Thanks for letting in a little happiness Ben!

Elsewhere on the Blogroll, we have A Shipwright in Training, in which a lucky psychologist sees the light and trains to be a boatbuilder, the Classic Sailing Club has several kinds of unpredictable fun on the Orwell and elsewhere, and Dale Austin’s Egret gets more and more interesting as his boat built to Commodore Monroe’s legendary design approaches completion.

And don’t miss Roache’s Adventures, which include some historical material, a trip to Woodbridge in company with some gorgeous Strange yachts, and some heavyweight advice to ‘dreamers’.