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  1. Hi Gavin can you please tell me if your Ella skiff would be suitable for myself both about 12 stone for fishing with a2-3hp outboard motor we are both in our early 70 s it would not be used at sea only on rivers or estuaries if not could please recommend any other easy to understand plans for ply construction thank you for any reply Regards gareth j davies

    1. I’m delighted to hear of your interest. I think it would be fine. The plans are also well tried. The 14ft Sunny would be roomier (useful perhaps with a third person) and likely faster, but also a little bigger and heavier to manage on shore. Either would be fine in 1/4in ply. If you build it, please keep in touch; I’m happy to answer questions and to help generally, and very interested to know how it goes. Where are you, btw? I’m at .

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