Loch Fyne skiff Rowan

Or maybe you fancy a 29ft Loch Fyne skiff? Peter Gregson of Wooden Ships says he has known her for many years and sold her to her last three owners. Photos of her launch have survived and the first owner wrote a fascinating little books called Leaves from Rowan’s Log, recounting his first pre-war cruises around the West Coast.

Rowan is obviously a very characterful boat: apart from being constructed to a design harking back to an old-fashioned fishing boat, she was built by McGruer and is said to be in really nice condition, having been owned by a retired West Country vet for the past five years. Apparently, Ed Burnett re-designed the rig a little for the owner, but she still has her Kelvin diesel and is generally little changed from original: take a good look at the details of that elegant saloon, for example.


Rowan saloon Rowan bow Rowan ster n


Atlantis of Rhu looking for an owner

Atlantis of Rhu was designed by Jack Laurent Giles and built in Germany in 1946 for Rear Admiral Alec Groman of the Royal Navy. Her 41ft hull is made from English oak planking and green oak frames, with an iron keel; her decking is solid laid teak and her house is of teak also.

Currently being rebuilt by Chris Berry of Traditional Sail of Tortworth in Gloucestershire. Chris is currently looking for a buyer, so if you’re in the market for something a bit special, take a look at his website at http://traditionalsail.co.uk


Atlantis restoration 4 Atlantis restoration 3

Atlantis restoration 2 Atlantis restoration

Atlantis sailing Atlantis sailing 2

Temptations part V: a dinghy so small, your family will hardly notice…

Chuck Merrell’s Apple Pie dinghy is so small and simple, she’s a real kitchen-table boat – that is, she’s small enough to be built on a kitchen table, and simple enough that you may well be able to finish her before anyone complains that they can’t do anything useful in the kitchen because there’s a boat in the way.

Seriously, it should be possible to build her in a very short space of time, and with very little in the way of materials. She’s also a clever and useful design and would make a great first boatbuilding project. Here’s the link for Chuck’s FREE BOAT PLANS:


If you do build one of these boats, we’d love to hear about it! Email me at gmatkin@gmail.com.

Dale Austin built one and has kindly allowed me to post a photo of the finished boat (below). Click on the picture for an enlargement.

He has also put up a photo log complete with instructions on his own site:


Apple Pie

Applie Pie photo

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