The sails are made for Stirling and Son 1880s-style racing cutter Integrity

   The sails have been made up for the new 1880s-style 20-ton racing gaff cutter being built by Stirling & Son of Tavistock in Devon. The sailmaker for the project is Steve Hall of North Sea Sails, who works from the Ibex Sail Loft in Tollesbury. The photos above were taken by Annikka Hall. The sails are made from Clipper canvas […]

Stirling & Son makes progress with beautiful Victorian gentleman’s sailing yacht Integrity

  These delicious shots of the Victorian-style racing yacht under construction by Stirling and Son have been sent over by Will Stirling, a man who really should be called a photographer, as well as a boat builder, designer and historian. Here’s what he says: ‘We are fitting her out at the moment in oak panelling. […]

A busy and interesting summer for Stirling and Son

Stirling and Son are busy as usual this summer with varied work both in and around Plymouth and further afield. Stirlings must be counted one of the most interesting boat building and design operations around. Down at their covered slipway at Plymouth, the pilot cutter Cornubia is having her hatches re-varnished and a replica Viking […]

The Classic Boat Awards – an opportunity to recognise Giacomo de Stefano, among others

Our pal Giacomo de Stefano surely deserves some recognition for his achievement in voyaging from London to Istanbul in self-built 16ft open sailing dinghy – an Iain Oughtred Ness Yawl, no less – last year, overcoming illness and host of other obstacles and difficulties along the way. So I think the Classic Boat Awards this […]

25th anniversary Plymouth Classic Boat Rally, 27th-30th July

If you’re in Cornwall or Devon and the end of July, don’t forget the Plymouth Classic Boat Rally takes place from the 27th to the 30th. I’ve had a look at the entrants list, and it’s pretty impressive. A boat that might catch many people’s interest is Integrity, the Victorian-style gentleman’s cutter built recently by […]

Stirling and Son at the London Boat Show

The Stirling and Son folks are inviting readers to see them at the Tullet Prebon London Boat Show, where Stirlings will be on the Classic Boat stand (G120). Will is planning to build one of his 9ft clinker built dinghies during the show, and visitors will also have a chance to have a close-up look […]

Projects at Stirling and Son, autumn 2011

        Click on the thumbnails for bigger images Those busy folks at Stirling and Son have been getting on with an amazing range of projects. Building and marketing beautiful small traditional clinker-built dinghies is one thing, rowing to Magnetic North Pole is another, but how about building lock gates or appearing in adverts for […]