Victorian gentleman’s racing cutter Integrity under sail

      The recently launched Integrity built by Stirling & Son has had its first real sailing tests – and has even won its first race. As promised, Will Stirling has written to report on how the gaff-rigged Victorian gentleman’s racing yacht has been doing done. The answer turns out to be rather well: ‘Dear Gavin, ‘We […]

Interior and fittings of Victorian gentleman’s racing cutter Integrity

        These photos of the recently launched Victorian gentleman’s racing cutter Integrity designed and built by Stirling & Son of Tavistock in Cornwall are an illustration of how much research and thought has gone into this boat. As usual, click on the thumbnails for a better view! Here’s what Will Stirling has to say: ‘The detail of the interior has been taken from photographs […]

Victorian-style gentleman’s cutter Integrity is afloat and her mast is raised

   Will Stirling usually tells me a little about how he feels about things – but sometimes its different – and I think his near-silence speaks volumes. He has every right to be immensely proud of his the Victorian gentleman’s yacht he has just launched. ‘Dear Gavin, ‘Integrity emerged from the shed a few days […]