Restoring – the basics

• How to plan a boat restoration project:

• The best way to approach your boat restoration depends on your aims:

Individual techniques

• Anchors – how to make them. Page 1; page 2;

• Boatshed – building one of your own

• Bouyancy in small boats – a key component of safety:

• Bowsprit setup:

•Bowsprit setup and fittings:

• Canoe sailing rig:

• Cartopping small boats

• Canvas canoe – how to build

• Carvel planking:

• Caulking:

• Clinker boatbuilding:

• Decks:

• Dinghy trestle – how to make one

• Engine maintenance, outboards:

• Glueing

• Helm impeder by Huntingford:

• Knots, as described and animated by Grog:

• Living aboard:

• Mast-making the birdsmouth way:

• Moustache and fender making the traditional way:

• Oar making:

• Oar making:



• Oar leathers:

• Outboard basics:

• Painting boats:

• Painting a canal boat:

• Reference articles from Classic Marine – understanding fittings and riggint:

• Roof rack extension – making and using Kellan Hatch’s wonderful gizmo:

• Hatches (Maurice Griffiths-style):

•Sail a boat

• Sail types and sail trimming (mainly modern):

• Sailmaking:

• Sailmaking for a small canoe

• Sail design basics:

• Screws – removing old ones, including those that break:

• Small boats – an essay in their defence:

• Topmasts – repairing rot:

• Varnishing:

• Wood as a material:

• Wykham-Martin furling gear:


5 Responses to How-tos

  1. Mark Albanese says:


    More nice work from you here.

    If you haven't seem them (which I can't imagine but haven't noticed flagged elsewhere), you may be interested in these free plans, etc.

    The proportions of the 2 footer are something to behold.

    Cheers, Mark

  2. Gavin Atkin says:

    Huge thanks Mark – I've been hoping something like these would turn up at some point.

    That two-foot in beam punt is used for racing on the Thames – there used to be a really good pic on the Wikipedia entry on punts, but it's been taken down, sadly, and I can't find another.

    Maybe a member of a rowing and best boat racing club might help out here, if any of you are out there please?

    In the meantime, I loved this image from the Thames Rowing Club site:

    <a target="_blank" title="; href="; rel="nofollow"&gt <a href="http://;” target=”_blank”>;


  3. Marc says:


    Does anyone know where this great image from the Thames Rowing Club site (it is offline now, I already mailed them) is coming from. Where is this painting hanging?


    Utrecht, Netherlands

  4. Gavin Atkin says:

    I don't understand the question Marc – could you email me at to let me know what's missing please?



  5. Punting Gal says:

    This is a great list of how to’s, very useful! Keep your eye out for a punting one coming soon – I’ll let you know when I’ve written it.

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