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Some curragh photos

Here are some curragh photos I took at the Beale Park Boat Show a couple of summers ago. I particularly like the one where the boat seems to be almost on the plane, and the one with the mythic Gaelic beauty casting her nets into the water… As before with my photos, if you click on the image, an enlarged view will pop up.

If you’d like to share these with a friend, please send them this link:

Perhaps I should ask the Beale Park people to sponsor this site! If the Boat Show organisers are listening, our charges would be very reasonable, the site is aimed at traditional and hand-built boat enthusiasts based in the UK and we’ve had more than 3300 visitors in the few weeks we’ve been in existence.

Currach 1

Currach 2

Currach 3


The curraghs of Ireland

Here are some hugely informative chapters from an old book by James Hornell describing the curraghs of Ireland. It’s a most impressive piece of work, and covers rowing and sailing curraghs, coracles and a kind of long paddling curragh variant I wasn’t previously aware of. If you want to get into curragh building, this book must represent the very large majority of what you’ll need to know.

I’d love to hear from curragh and coracle builders and to be able to publish photos reports and the rest, by the way – if this is you please let me know at

Check the extract from J M Synge – it’s the kind of thing that needs to be read out loud with all the family gathered around.

Finally, there are some great contemporary curragh photos at


The Old Gaffers Association

The name says it all, really. Rallies, races and socials for gaff rig enthusiasts, and jolly good stuff too. Their site has some great photos, as you might expect, and some of the best are on their photo competition page. There’s also a calendar of events for 2007.