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Holiday on a Dutch barge near Butt and Oyster, why not?

Twee Gebroeders

Chatting via email with the folks who run the East Coast Events website and its associated paper publication, I learned that they have other enterprises – a Dutch skutje kept just yards from the Butt and Oyster at Pin Mill on the Orwell, and a hard-working photographing business, East Coast Photos.

The barge is available to rent as a holiday home or go sailing with a skipper, and some day I’m sure we’ll take up their offer.  And Gill’s photos – see the galleries – are just dreamy…

Does anyone know the history of Fiddle of Faversham?

This is the clinker-built bawley Fiddle of Faversham, currently at Rolt’s Boatyard, Bristol, for some serious repair and restoration work.

Mark Rolt says that below the water line she is primarily still elm, but a couple of planks are gone. However, she has no hog whatsoever.

Mark, who worked at Iron Wharf for a time as a youngster before running away to sea and living in the USA for a while, is appealing for information about her history, if anyone has any please? What is her age (her clinker construction suggests she may be quite old), who has owned and used her, and where has she been over the years?

If you can help, please drop me a line at and I’ll pass your information, email address etc on to Mark.

PS – in answer to a query, she’s 29ft long.