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Building the Shannon One Design, with Jimmy Furey

And sailing them (you may want to turn the sound on your computer down for the second one)…

Boat building in Ireland

Ireland's invisible boatbuilders

Don’t be too put off by the photo! The Afloat website has a nice piece about boat builders in Ireland that includes veteran Jimmy Furey, who builts beautiful Water Wags and Shannon One Designs,  new generation traditional boatbuilder Dougal MacMahon, the current wave of interest in building Bray Droleens, and a project at Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club building a clinker IDRA 14.


Van de Statd yacht Morning Kiss for sale

Van de Statd yacht Morning Kiss for sale

My thanks to Fowey traditional boat builder Marcus Lewis for tipping me off about this beautifully named and interesting project boat.

Read about the Van de Stadt company here and here.