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Wooden boats: PBO columnist Dave Selby lays on the irony

I don’t mind admitting that Dave Selby’s latest offering in the plastic boat magazine PBO makes me laugh – it’s laden with table-spoonfuls of irony and yet familiar and nearly true.

Happily, though, in the end it is bollocks. I say that, because most folks I know who make a living building or maintaining other people’s traditionally-built boats add to their burden by keeping one or more of their own… And I can’t think of too many who have the look of a person who wishes they were doing something else.

I guess you could draw a parallel with the bloke who edits and writes stuff for a living, and then gets up in the morning and writes a bloody weblog. It’s about the boating, the people and the boats, you understand…

The Spaulding Youth Education Programme on YouTube

I think this nice little video tells its tale very well, and I would love to think that similar projects around our coast could transform both the lives of the youngsters involved and also the places where they are take place.

Of course projects very like this are already taking place in Faversham, and well done to the townspeople and the Faversham Creek Trust for making it happen (see this example and also this one). Let’s have more.

My thanks to Alan Thorne for leading me to this YouTube.

Weblog alert: Small Clinker Boat Restoration

Pembrookshire based Bill Dowell is clearly a devoted chap: he’s a man who enjoys restoring and maintaining clinker-built boats, and has a particular interest in Redwing sailing dinghies, designed by Uffa Fox for racing on the open sea.

The latest object of his attentions is Nanw, a strongly built 15ft  rowing and outboard dinghy built at Penarth some decades ago, and which remained in the Pembrokeshire area.

Bill believes she was used in the making of the Robin Hood movie starring Russell Crowe, which included scenes shot at Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire during the summer of 2009.

He runs a weblog about his exploits with the small clinker hulls (which I intend to follow), and another about cruising his Finesse 24.