Matthew Atkin photographs the boats of Mumbai


My photographing brother Matthew Atkin has been excercising his camera around the harbours of Mumbai again. I hope you enjoy the shots.

Naturally, the dried fish are Bombay duck, a local fish that is usually dried and salted to preserve it, and is then fried for eating as an appetizer before a meal. Strangely, it apparently has a powerful smell but little taste…

Thanks for the photos Matt! For more of my brother’s excellent and exotic photos, click here.

Fishing for herring out of Clovelly the old fashioned way

Herring fishing the traditional way our of Clovelly: ‘We either sail or row.’

From Kipperman Mike Smylie (also see the 40-plus Fishing Boat Association). Thanks Mike!

Mobile boat repairer Simon Papendick gets to work on a Yorkshire coble

Yorkshire coble

Simon Papendick, otherwise known as the mobile boat maintenance and repair service J-Star Boat Services, is in Yorkshire and getting down to work on a coble in need of some TLC, and is weblogging the job.

Apart from anything else, it provides some interesting views of the structure of these fascinating craft.