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Zoe, the oldest hire boat on The Broads


Here’s another pic to entertain you while I’m away. Again, we’re on The Broads, and this is the oldest boat still available for hire to holidaymakers. She’s so small she only has two berths but she’s such a little gem…

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A mystery boat at Chatham

Chatham mystery Chatham mystery Chatham mystery Chatham mystery

I saw and photographed (very poorly, I’m afraid) this interesting double-ended working boat in a corner of a shed at The Historic Dockyard Chatham but couldn’t find any information or anyone who could tell me about it.

It’s clearly meant for fishing, as it has a live well, and a wonderfully tattered spritsail. But what is it? A Medway doble? A peterboat? Answers by email please to – I’d love to know!

If someone you know might know, please send them this link: