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British Sea-Fishermen, by Anson

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Fishing boats painted by Wyllie

‘It’s no fish ye’re buying. It’s men’s lives’ – Sir Walter Scott

Writing in the first part of the last century, Peter F Anson begins by describing the fishing industry as a whole, and then begins his survey of our coast in the far North-West – the Moray Firth.

Anson cover Anson flyleaf Anson plates list

Anson 7 Anson British Sea-Fishermen Anson British Sea-Fishermen

Anson British Sea-Fishermen Anson British Sea-Fishermen Anson British Sea-Fishermen

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Acquaskipper – is it a boat, is it a plane?

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Acquaskipper human powered watercraft

I don’t normally include things like this, but the Acquaskipper makes me laugh. Would do you really want to look this silly? How long is it possible to keep this kind of activity going? In fact, could you bear it if any of your friends saw you apparently mating with the product of a union between a bicycle and an ironing board? A rowing boat or a canoe, or even a surf board, would be so much more dignified, wouldn’t you say?

Ok, I want to have a go. But with no-one watching, ok?

Ted Rogers, a brave, brave man, passes away after a life of campaigns and sailing

I’ve just read an obituary of a most extraordinary man, Ted Rogers, who has passed away at 90 years.

Badly injured in wartime, he nevertheless managed to live a full life that included a lot of bricklaying, family life, campaigning against the evils of nuclear weapons, boatbuilding and sailing. I have considerable sympathy with his views, but there’s much to admire whatever your politics.

In particular, anyone who feels discouraged by the way the humdrum difficulties of life seem to make sailing impossible should take a moment to read the obituary in The Guardian and see his website. I’m only sorry I didn’t know him.