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A fine collection of interesting boats for sale on Ebay tonight

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Go to our Ebay bargains page for this little lot:

•Flood-damaged 50ft narrowboat may be going cheap somewhere in the North East of England

•1963 (approx.) 33ft Windboats wooden motor cruiser for sale at Windsor

•16ft GRP Yorkshire coble for sale somewhere in Scotland

Broom speedboat for sale at Peterborough

•26ft lifeboat ripe for conversion at Kirkwall, Orkney

•28ft 1939 Harry Felpham drop keel cutter for sale at Littlehampton, West Sussex

An unexpected Breton cap situation

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An unexpected Breton cap situation


I don’t think I’ve ever imagined a Breton cap could have this kind of effect, but I am very impressed!

For more on Breton caps:

Whisstock boat for sale in Suffolk

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The Ebay auction for the Whisstock boat is up in 22 hours: