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St Anthony in Meneage – a little piece of heaven on the shores of The Lizard

St Anthony in Meneage looks fascinating on the map. It’s a tiny, remote undeveloped fishing station and staithe on a lost creek on the eastern side of the Lizard – and it more than lived up to its promise.

In reality this place, named after monks who lived there centuries ago, turned out to be a small piece of heaven, with its beautiful candle-lit churchyard in a boatyard. For someone who likes rowing, paddling and sailing, it looks pretty well perfect to me. One day I think we may holiday right there and go nowhere else for a whole week. Of course the family are welcome to come with me!

Read about St Anthony in Meneage here.

The camera is a Canon SX40, for those of you who might be interested.

Film about the commercial potential of British canals, 1962

Television reporter Robert Reid takes a journey on the British Waterways tug Primrose from Avonmouth Docks to Worcester calling at Sharpness and Gloucester Docks in a film made to promote the commercial use of waterways before the age of the container.

My thanks to Hans-Christian Rieck for spotting this one.


Shtandart in Ramsgate Harbour

The modern Shtandart – a replica of the frigate Shtandart that was the first ship of Russia’s Baltic fleet launched in 1703 by the decree of Tsar Peter I – was tied up in Ramsgate Harbour over the weekend.

My pal Ian Carter kindly sent me these photos.

She’s 90ft in length on deck and 23ft wide – which doesn’t seem very large when her original crew complement in 1703 was between 120 and 150! Read about her here and here.

Thanks Ian!

Ben Wales makes further progress with veteran Dunkirk motor launch

Launch Completed Deck

Launch Completed Aft Deck

Since 2010, we’ve been following Ben Wales’ project to restore a motor launch that saw service at Dunkirk and was for many years used as a tender by the Royal Lymington Yacht Club.

The latest news is that Mary now has her decks… Here’s what Ben has to say:

‘Since the Spring we have been slowly working on the new forward and aft laid decks. Each plank had to be shaped to fit to make a watertight joint when caulked. Well over 150 wood screws were used to fit the deck and covering planks on the launch.

‘The forward and aft coamings have just been fitted, and the bronze fittings for the forward deck have been completed, and two coats of varnish have been applied.

‘The next major job is making two forward seats shaped to fit the sides of the launch.

‘If the weather holds up for September, we hope to fit new floorboards and engine box. Then we can finally fit her out, and perhaps launch her in late October.’

Thanks Ben! She’s looking great and I hope we can look forward to seeing photos of her on the water in the coming weeks!

For more on this story, click here.

A harbour stroll: Porthleven

Porthleven – read about this fishing port near Helston in Cornwall here. As you may have realised, we’ve got our Internet back after a trying 51 days without a telephone service.

PS – The mediaeval wall paintings showing a sailing ship and a mermaid complete with a mirror and St Christoper walking through water are in the parish church at the nearby village of Breage. It’s well worth a look if you’re passing by.



Oyster fishing at Whitstable, 1909

I’m sure I recognise some of those folks eating oysters at the end…

My thanks to Chris Brady for finding and pointing out this one.

By the way, I must apologise once again for being a little slow on this website at the moment. We lost our phone and internet service on the 20th July and are still waiting for it to be reinstated.