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Humber Highway, 1956

Humber Highway

This documentary film by Betty and Cyril Ramsden chronicles the places, activities, and life around the Humber estuary of the mid-1950s, including Spurn Point, Paull, and the docks at Hull.

There are some lengthy titles that explain some of the important facts about the areas in which they filmed.

My thanks to Chris Brady for spotting this one.


Captain Fryatt, ‘killed illegally’

Captain Charles Algernon Fryatt gravestone

Captain Charles Algernon Fryatt’s grave at the parish church, Dovercourt, near Harwich.

Captain CA Fryatt was executed by the Germans during World War Iafter he attempted to ram a U-boat attacking the SS Brussels in 1915 – at the time, the U-boat was threatening to attack the steam-powered passenger ferry.

The SS Brussels was captured. Fryatt was court-martialled and sentenced to death, despite his civilian status.

It’s said that during interrogation, if he had said that he was acting under Admiralty orders, he would have been made a prisoner of war in the usual way – but it seems he was a non-combatant who acted only in self-defence. International outrage followed his execution near Bruges, Belgium.

In 1919, he was reburied at Dovercourt with full military honours.

He certainly has a grand headstone. My thanks to Malcolm Woods for the photo.

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British Pathé film: Grimsby’s Trade Stimulant (1934)

My thanks to Liam Robinson for passing on the link to this video about the openin of a new fish dock to boost Grimsby’s fishing industry.

Digging about on YouTube also reveals the following British Pathé clips.