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Dazzle-painted warships of World War I

From the wonderful Retronaut – these fantastic geometric paint schemes used during World War I were not designed to hide the ships as to make range-finding difficult and make it more difficult for enemy gunners to find their target. Read … Continue reading

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How steam turbines work

From 1946, this British Council explained something to me about the genius of Parson’s invention that I hadn’t previously grasped – the role of the fixed vanes in the steam turbines that used to power mighty liners and other ships. … Continue reading

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Ex-Thames steamer Belle urgently needs a new owner

The lovely 1894 Kingston-built steam launch Belle, which plied the Thames for many years, is in urgent need of a new owner. SL Belle’s present owner can’t afford to keep the National Historic Ships-registered vessel any longer and is reluctantly … Continue reading

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