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Don’t forget Bridlington’s Coblefest this weekend!

Don’t forget Bridlington’s Coblefest this weekend – the 13-14th August!

The Harbour Heritage Museum will be the headquarters for the festival and the boats due to be there are: Grace, Two Brothers, Morning Harvest, Madelene Isabella, Imperialist, Free Spirit, Mavis, Granby, Christina, Three Brothers, Gratitude and Misnomer.

Meanwhile, here are a few pics of sailing cobles in action to whet your interest… What fine looking boats they are.

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Faversham Nautical Festival fun in the sun…


Well, it was everything you’d expect, with boats, music, stalls and people, and what’s more the sun came out! Well done, the folks of Faversham!

The voyage of the Southern Cross – Howard Rice aims to tackle Cape Horn in a 11ft 11in boat

Southern Cross adapted Scamp

Howard Rice famously rounded Cape Horn in a canoe many years ago – and now plans to do it again, but this time in an 11ft 11in boat designed by John  Welsford. The drawing shows how he’s adapted the boat; the original plans of this popular can be purchased here.

Read about the project and Howard’s thinking here.