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Les Amis du Biche are trying to contact ex-Biche owner Graham ‘Dusty’ Miller



Photo from the Wikimedia Commons

The folks of Les Amis du Biche, which has in recent years restored and relaunched the impressive old tunny fisherman, are working on a book project about her history – including her time in English ownership.

To that end, they are trying to contact ex-owner Graham ‘Dusty’ Miller, to learn things about the time during which he owned Biche. If you can help, buzz them an email at .

Read about Biche here.

Sailing a vintage Star class racing yacht

Via Bruce Taylor and small boat designer Michael Storer – see the Storerboats website and  the Storerboatplans Facebook account.

Read about the Star class at the Wikipedia.

Racing Raymond Hunt’s stunning International 110 racing yacht

I want a go in one of these too… But I wonder what happens if you accidently fill one?