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Chris Perkins photographs the Thames Traditional Boat Festival

Award winning boat builder and early supporter of the Scottish Coastal Rowing movement Chris Perkins has been in touch with photos from a trip to the Thames Traditional Boat Festival. It’s great to hear from him after some time, and good too to see that the event has bounced back from its difficulties a little while ago.

To see more of his photos of the event click here. (You can also find your way to his other Flickr galleries Рhe has an impressive collection of photos.)

Here’s what he said about it: ‘This was the first time a trip south has coincided with the event. It’s rather different from the usual gatherings I attend, but there were some gorgeous boats to be seen as well as a few old friends. Feel free to extract anything you would like to use. Trust all is well with you and yours… ‘

We’re fine thanks Chris. I hope you’re doing well too, and many thanks for the photos! (Btw, these remain Chris’s copyright, soi please ask permission¬†before ‘borrowing’ his photos for another website.)

Yare Valley Sailing Club, sailing on The Broads, 1961

Down the Wild Owyhee, with Prince Helfrich

This is Prince Helfrich, a pioneering river runner, leading an expedition down the Owyhee River in the mid-sixties.

My thanks to reader John Ost of Portland, Oregon, for the tip-off. John tells me he has made the same trip with his wife and friends in his drift boat several times – he does it as the river is dropping and is clearer than it was when this film was made.