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Charlie Hussey builds a modified peapod

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Seapod the peapod, built by Charlie Hussey

Here’s more news from Yvonne Green, principal of the Boat Building Academy at Lyme Regis – the third in a series about boats built by students while at the Academy.

Charlie Hussey built Seapod, a modified North American peapod originally based on a couple of existing peapod designs.

‘Frankly, at the beginning we tried to put him off the build,’ says Yvonne. ‘He had spent twenty five years in the IT industry, the last fifteen as founding director of a software services company. It was all a long way from working with wood and the build was not an easy one, a 15ft carvel double-ended sailing boat.

‘But we hadn’t reckoned on Charlie’s intelligence, tenacity and sheer hard work. We’re glad we were wrong. Seapod is a beautiful little boat. Charlie also found time, while on the course, to write a detailed weblog of the work he did. It’s at He’s now back in Scotland, looking for a restoration job, and has started a new website and weblog,

Thanks for the tipoff, Yvonne. I think it will be well worth following, and naturally I’ve added it to the blogroll, which appears to the right of this post.

Seapod was one of the best things I saw at the Beale Park Thames Boat Show this year and looking back at my files I took quite a few photos of her. As usual, click on the thumbnails below for bigger and better images. Well done Charlie!

Seapod pictured at the Beale Park Thames Boat Show

For more posts relating to the Boat Building Academy and its students, click here.

There’s a nice discussion of the peapod type in John Gardner’s book Building Classic Small Craft, which may well be available via ABE Books.

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News from my inbox

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Jukung on Bali

Jukungs on Bali
– see also this Indigenous Boats weblog entry on jukungs.

An exhibition focusing on Bridlington’s tradition of fishing – and news of a new coble restoration – PS take a peek at the Bridlington Coble Preservation Society website for nice piece about the Siddalls who built the coble Three Brothers, including a splendid photo.

Portsmouth’s Highbury College launches boatbuilding courses

Strikingly weathered wooden boat on a beach in Spain

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Some news from my inbox

Norfolk Broads boats racing, photo by Robert Henson, image from the Wikipedia

Norfolk Broads boats racing, photo by Robert Henson, image from
the Wikipedia. This photo is from 2004, but could easily have been
taken fifty years ago. That’s part of the magic of The Broads

•Fifty years ago, schools on the Norfolk Broads were teaching kids to build boats.

A lifeboat restoration at Walton, Essex is nearing completion. Read more here.

•A large wooden powerboat takes shape in a boatbuilding revival at Leigh, Essex.