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Photos of the Regates Royales de Cannes 2008 from Guy Capra

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Swept decks to die for

Guy Capra sent me links to some photos he took of this year’s Regates Royales de Cannes annual meet. Guy, you may remember, is the inventor and promoter of the Godyoto.

Here’s his note:

‘Hello Gavin,

‘Here are some photos of the Regates Royales de Cannes I took – you can use or point to them if you want

‘I think the young man on the large yacht Moon Beam is an apprentice carpenter seen on the French TV today at the news TF1 13h.

‘Also, these photos show details of the Amerigo Vespucci when she was in Toulon recently, and here is an an interesting short video of making a traditional rope.


Thanks Guy – some nice photos there!

Sailing fun on the East Coast

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Sue and Mike Feather took a series of photos of a race between a collection of gaffers from Harwich to the River Deben – and it looks like splendid fun to me. Follow the link to see some photos.

Mike also tells me that Sue and he were in the Old Gaffers race at Brightlingsea featured in Dylan Winter’s recent Vlog. Mike was the guy on the grey smack Transcur wearing yellow oilies and Sue was on the rib with Dylan taking photos. I’m beginning to wonder whether Dylan knows as many people as the Pope!

‘It was a really exciting race – lots of wind so very fast,’ says Mike. ‘Those boys put everything up in a blow and go like hell – bow wave coming half way up the stem and heaven help you if you broach with that lot up.’

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Isolde – an object of desire, and she’s for sale

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Isolde, built by Mark Harris

Boatbuilder Mark Harris has just completed Isolde, a sweet, quick little gaffer, and she’s for sale. He’ll make more if you ask nicely and promise to pay him… Read all about her at his website

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