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Videos of Dutch charter boats racing at the end of their season

Frank van Zoest has sent over these videos of charter boats racing at the end of the chartering season. He says the boats are around 100 years old and usually in their third life. The videos came to him via his son.

He explains that early in their working lives they were sailing freighters, and then converted to motor vessels following WW2. In the ’80s they were reconverted to sail, this time with the aim of carrying passengers.

BRANDARIS RACE 2014 extended edit CZ from Sailing Club on Vimeo.

Navigators & General Three Rivers Race, 2015

Navigators & General Three Rivers Race 2015 from Skyhover Aerial Video Norfolk on Vimeo.

My thanks to Paul Mullings for this one!

Competitors and visitors: the Swale Match 2015

The day dawned misty and fair, and with light winds that improved a great deal as the morning wore on. In the blazing sunshine it turned out to be a grand race. We went out in our little plastic boat and as I had guests on board and was rather busy, my pal Lyn Winter did me the favour of taking these photos. Thanks Lyn!

PS The wonderful Spitalfields Life website was on board one of the competing barges a couple of years back and produced a very nice post about it the event. My thanks to Julian Mannering of Seaforth Publishing for the tip!