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Barge rowing on the Thames

I didn’t know the sport of barge rowing or ‘driving’ even existed until I read about the 2014 Thames Historic Barge Rowing Event on The Liquid Highway. It’s being held on the 28th June and if the YouTube above is … Continue reading

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An appeal: help local boat builders replace the Phillipines’ 50,000 lost fishing boats

  This piece by boat designer and sailmaker Michael Storer is a short report about instant boat building in the Philippines – an appeal for help in replacing the lost boats so important to feeding the Filipino people and to … Continue reading

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Petition – save the tradition of salmon netting on the Tamar and Tavy

We met Tamar salmon netter Alec Friendship this weekend – and learned that there’s a serious danger that riparian fishing rights owners along the river will get their way and end traditional salmon netting by a tiny number of just … Continue reading

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