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The Fishing and Heritage Museum, Folkestone

We dropped into the Fishing and Heritage Museum at Folkestone at the weekend – it’s crammed with interesting objects such as boat models – but the best things the little museum has is a fine set of old photographs, and helpful volunteers ready to answer questions.

I was intrigued that so many models of fishing vessels were of boats that had been built in Cornwall. The answer, it turns out, is that Folkestone’s boats used to be beach boats launched off the beach and designed to land and be hauled up at the end of a trip – like many of those elsewhere along the South Coast. However, once the harbour was built in the early 19th Century a different type of boat was needed. Such vessels were not built locally and so Cornish boats were brought in.

Here are some favourites… Some brave lifeboatmen and fishermen, a grand old boy with his melodeon and dog, some models and a priceless bit of local weather lore.

Black Friday at Manasquan Inlet, 1938

This is terrifying. I haven’t been able to find a report of the outcome, but it’s definitely a warning to watch the weather, folks… I do hope they all survived and recovered.

I have wondered whether trailing drogues or warps have helped but surely they would hamper steering… Have someone on the stern with a sharp, serrated knife? Or would would that be littering?

PS – Nigel – see comments – suggests staying out. I’m just glad our weather forecasts today are rarely wrong by more than a force, at least in my experience.

Building a work skiff on Rhode Island

This is a stunning series – and it’s not finished yet.  My thanks to a few people who pointed it out over the weeks, including John Lockwood.