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Norfolk’s Rescue Wooden Boats builds the first crab boat for 25 years

Rescue Wooden Boats crab boat

This is a splendid piece of news – Rescue Wooden Boats trustee David Hewitt has built and now launched the Norfolk Coast’s first new traditionally built crab boat for 25 years, the 17ft oak-built Auk.

Read about it on the Anglia Afloat website, or click on the image above to go to the newspaper’s nice photogallery.

Anglia TV has also put a story online.

I’m amused to notice that a little before the launch, David and his boatbuilding apprentice Tom Gathercole carefully fitted Auk’s engine beds – or ‘wrongs’ as they are known in the area. ‘Engine wrongs’. Great name chaps!

FITTING ENGINE WRONGS ON NEW CRABBER “AUK” from Rescue:Wooden:Boats on Vimeo.

Slo Mo Shun

Slo Mo Shun IV wins the world speed record in 1950, and then some racing including both Slo Mo Shun V and Slo Mo Shun IV.

Read all about it in a Duckworks Magazine article by Mike John.

Matthew Atkin photographs junks and other craft at Peng Chau and Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong

As usual, click on the images for a much bigger and better photo.

The eyes of the world are on Hong Kong during these days – but in recent weeks my Hong Kong dwelling brother Matthew Atkin has been photographing junks and other craft at Peng Chau and at Aberdeen Harbour (high rise buildings).

Thanks Matt!