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Onawind Blue, back on the water and sailing joyfully

Onawindblue at sea again


It’s great to see Light Trow builder, adventurer, weblogger and author Ben Crawshaw back on the water in his Light TrowOnawind Blue – and having a damned good time sailing in company with his pal Ricardo in his Dudley Dix-designed Argie, Red Wine.

As well as Ben’s celebration of sailing and life, I’m struck by the (slightly unfair) comparisons between the two rather different boats, and reminded of my view that sailing in company is best done in identical or at least well matched boats. Read all about it here.

Btw, check Ben’s successful experiment with a staysail!


Some photos from the Beale Park Boat Show

Today, entrants for the Water Craft magazine boat building competition. The first time I photographed the entries for that competition must be 15 or 16 years ago, and I wonder where those photos might be…