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Medway, Swale and the Kent coast

Aboard Cambria for the Medway barge match

Read about Cambria here, and about the Medway Barge Match here. Our new friend photographer Rob Powell was on board and I guess he may put some of his shots on his weblog, On the Thames.

Spot the Lady of the Lea stuck on an island. I hope she and her folks are all right…

Pilot Gig Championships, 2016

Read more here. This is fabulous footage, but if you like soundtracks to be in keeping,  you may want to turn this one down…

My thanks to boatbuilder Nick Smith for posting this on his Facebook account. Catch up with some of Nick’s latest stuff here.

Mines and munitions around our coast

Mine map

What a bloody mess war leaves, in every imaginable way. This mine map – it shows a few other things as well – highlights some things most UK boat users don’t have to think about too much today, but it doesn’t take much thought to realise some of this stuff must still be there…

Take a look at the maps for your UK sailing area.