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More astonishing American brightwork and chrome

More astonishing American brightwork

You may think you’ve seen varnish – but you might change your mind when you’ve seen Bill Prince’s astonishing collection of photos from the 2007 Keels & Wheels Concours D’Elegance & Auction at Seabrook in Texas. Somehow it’s all a bit different from the Beale Park Boatshow – there’s plenty of varnish there too, but somehow it has just a little less attitude.

I explained how to tune a uke only today – can you sing My dog has fleas? – so naturally I love this shot with a ukelele elegantly reclining on a bench seat.

The photos are a teaser for the upcoming edition of Bill’s Classic Yacht Magazine.

Take a moment to look around: there are some extraordinary photos here, including the truck full of elderly outboards, and what about the turquoise and zebra seats? See what I mean about ‘tude? &… Wheels.htm

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A shed to swoon over


Boathouse Boathouse

Regular visitors will know that likes to celebrate sheds and the quality of shedness from time to time.

So here are some photos of a shed to swoon over – a boathouse belonging to friends of ours, guarded over by a group of goats.

Julie and I think it’s probably Edwardian, but whatever it is, it’s really rather special – as is the goat that guards it as his own.


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Some more photos from The Broads

Some more photos from The Broads Some more photos from The Broads Some more photos from The Broads
Some more photos from The Broads Some more photos from The Broads

A busy day again today, so here are some more photos of The Broads from my archives.

The photos were taken during some very happy holidays on hired Broads sailing cruisers with my children; which reminds me that it’s about time we returned.

I forget where I took the shot of the pretty old Broads cruiser; the half-decker was sighted at Hickling Broad; the next three shots were taken at Horsey Mere; and the last photo is pretty well self explanatory, I think!

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