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Portsoy Festival 2007

Portsoy Festival

Portsoy Festival Portsoy FestivalPortsoy Festival

Portsoy Festival Portsoy Festival

Photos provided by the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival

Look closely at these shots – don’t you just want to be there?

Portsoy is clearly the place to be at the end of June, when the annual Scottish Traditional Boat Festival returns to town from Friday 29th to the 1st July. This year’s festival will also see the finale of the Continue reading Portsoy Festival 2007


Whitby’s harbour walls, complete with capstans

Whitby Harbour

Whitby Harbour Whitby Harbour Whitby Harbour

Whitby Harbour Whitby Harbour

Views of Whitby Harbour

This is a varied selection of photos of Whitby Harbour. The first in which a little boat returns from a round-the-cans session seems to me to be particularly sweet, despite the image’s flaws, which include a modern yacht.

The second shows a fairground in full cry on the harbour walls, which seems at least a little unusual. By the way, the numerous specs in the air aren’t dirt on the print, but seagulls wheeling over the harbour. No doubt they’re triumphant after a day of eating holidaymakers’ left-over fish and chips.

The amazingly preserved old capstans got me thinking about Continue reading Whitby’s harbour walls, complete with capstans

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