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Alert – more pictures of Will Stirling’s 18th Century lugger


Alert Alert Alert

Alert Alert Alert

Before we leave for a few days away, I just had to pause for a moment to put up these photos of the lovely 18th Century lugger Continue reading Alert – more pictures of Will Stirling’s 18th Century lugger


Show us what you’ve got at

Fireballs Romance Alert

Fireballs at the NMM; sailing on The Broads long ago; Will Stirling’s 18th century lugger is launched

There are always a lot of interesting side issues to distract and provide entertainment at, but the real focus must be on the boats, their history, and the work of building and restoration.

So I’d like to make an appeal to you readers to please tell us your stories about your boats.

If you’re an owner with a boat that is your pride and joy, if you’re a Continue reading Show us what you’ve got at

More astonishing American brightwork and chrome

More astonishing American brightwork

You may think you’ve seen varnish – but you might change your mind when you’ve seen Bill Prince’s astonishing collection of photos from the 2007 Keels & Wheels Concours D’Elegance & Auction at Seabrook in Texas. Somehow it’s all a bit different from the Beale Park Boatshow – there’s plenty of varnish there too, but somehow it has just a little less attitude.

I explained how to tune a uke only today – can you sing My dog has fleas? – so naturally I love this shot with a ukelele elegantly reclining on a bench seat.

The photos are a teaser for the upcoming edition of Bill’s Classic Yacht Magazine.

Take a moment to look around: there are some extraordinary photos here, including the truck full of elderly outboards, and what about the turquoise and zebra seats? See what I mean about ‘tude? &… Wheels.htm

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