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‘Phwoar!’, says Light Trow builder Ben Crawshaw

Onawind Blue

Light Trow Onawind Blue

Just back from a jolly holiday (in the Ariege region of France, and very pleasant, thanks) I was absolutely delighted to read about the mounting excitement that Ben Crawshaw is feeling over this project to build my Light Trow design. I’m pretty excited too, so I hope regular readers will forgive me for drawing attention to his project once again.

Ben is building the first boat from the plans and I’m delighted with the job he’s doing. The photo above shows the new boat with its decks cut out and laid across the sheer: ‘Phwoar!’ is how he describes it in his blog, and after all his hard work he deserves Continue reading ‘Phwoar!’, says Light Trow builder Ben Crawshaw


Show us what you’ve got at

Fireballs Romance Alert

Fireballs at the NMM; sailing on The Broads long ago; Will Stirling’s 18th century lugger is launched

There are always a lot of interesting side issues to distract and provide entertainment at, but the real focus must be on the boats, their history, and the work of building and restoration.

So I’d like to make an appeal to you readers to please tell us your stories about your boats.

If you’re an owner with a boat that is your pride and joy, if you’re a Continue reading Show us what you’ve got at