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Oare Creek at dusk 480 Ted Brewer Schooner Ian Heard painting

Dusk at Oare, Ted Brewer schooner, Ian Heard painting

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Dusk at Oare Creek

Oare Creek at dusk 480

Oare Creek

We were working on the boat yesterday and sailing today, so we’re much too tired to put up a post. I’ll put some more pages of Practical Boat Building for Amateurs tomorrow, but for now here’s a photo I took as dusk approached at Oare Creek yesterday evening. I can’t help being a romantic, I’m afraid, and loved the evening light.

They say that every picture tells a story; I gather that the live-aboard boat on the bank at the right got stuck there a few tides back and is waiting for the next springs.

Donald Campbell’s Jetstar appears at the NMM Cornwall

Jetstar 480

Jetstar Jetstar


Donald Campbell’s one-off 13ft hydrojet sports-boat Jetstar is on show in the foyer at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall 40 years after he tragically died attempting to set a world water speed record of 300mph.

Campbell’s attempt at the record ended in disaster on 4 January 1967, when his legendary jet-powered Bluebird K7 flipped into the air and crashed on Coniston Water.

The smart and innovative little boat with a blue hull and mahogany decks was intended to Continue reading Donald Campbell’s Jetstar appears at the NMM Cornwall