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Mud, fabulous, glorious, thick gloopy mud



Just in case the rest of the world isn’t quite clear why yachties on the English East Coast talk so much about mud, I though I would show you this photo taken by Julie. Like a certain sort of film star, it has a kind of sullen, pouting beauty all of its own, don’t you think?

And of course it’s difficult not to think of the Flanders & Swann song about the hippopotamus:

‘Mud, mud, glorious mud
Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood’ 

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A handsome Humber keel

Humber Keel engraving

Humber Keel engraving

This is one you could hang on a wall – and I hope some of you will.

I recently found this lovely engraving of a Humber keel in a very old book, and I’ve made the downloadable file extra-large to try to make sure it will print out nicely. Perhaps some of you will find a suitable spot for it.

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This weekend – the Beale Park Boat Show

Beale Park Boat Show Salmon boat Currach 3 enlarged

Gena c2.jpg Children in canoe

Previous years at the Beale Park Boat Show

The Beale Park Boat Show held each year on the Thames near Pangbourne is a treat – a great opportunity to see some beautiful craftsman-built boats and try them out, and also to meet their builders and the people who provide designs, plywood, timber, glue, chandlery and the rest. The show starts today, and lasts all weekend.

You can bet I’ll be there, and in fact we’re planning to arrive on Sunday – let’s hope for great weather for photographs.

For information on a great day out follow this link:

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