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The Swing the Bridge appeal reaches new heights!

Swing the Bridge 27 August 2015

The appeal is to pay for a new swinging bridge that will allow smacks, sailing┬ábarges and other traditional craft to moor (and to be maintained) at the top end of Faversham Creek. It’s a great cause.

Get more details including how to contribute here.

Barnabas around Britain

Barnabas around Britain

They’re having fun, aren’t they? But – unless I’m having trouble finding them – please can those of us having a┬árather more humdrum summer of work have more posts and more pictures!

I should explain that Barnabas is the last surviving vessel from St Ives from the thousand or so lug-rigged seine and drift net fishing boats registered at Cornish ports at the turn of the 19th century.

She was built in St Ives for Barnabas Thomas, and was first registered on 28th October 1881 as a class 2 pilchard boat, but was later re-registered as a class 1 mackerel driver.