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Charles II arrives at Scheveningen, and sails to England to a huge welcome

Following on from my question about whether the beach at Scheveningen might be the most painted stretch of strand in the world, and from Chris Sonnemans helpful reply, here’s a video Chris made from images of the time…

Thanks Chris!

12ft Bevins Skiffs in a 60-mile sponsored sail


My American buddy Shawn Payment has been been working with the Lowcountry Maritime Society, local organisation that uses boat-building as a means of teach grade-school students maths and technology through hands-on learning. The projects have included coaching a group of 6th-8th graders at Simmons-Pinckney Middle School through building four 12ft Bevin’s Skiffs.

Right this minute, half a dozen of the adults involved in the programme are sailing those little 12ft boats about 60 miles from Charleston to Georgetown South Carolina, just in time for the Georgetown Wooden Boat Festival (warning – turn your speakers down a bit or you could be in for an surprise).

Why? To bring attention to the programme and perhaps raise a few dollars to keep the boatbuilding programme going in the future.

Shawn’s carrying a SPOT satellite tracker, so if you would like to follow his progress up the coast, click here.

Each skipper is trying to raise as much as possible, including Shawn. He asks that you go to PayPal and send a donation to All proceeds will be forwarded to the Lowcountry Maritime Society.

A traditional boat festival at Queenborough

I missed the publicity for this do – but thankfully Nick Ardley was there. Maybe I’ll get along next time.

Here’s his report!

Ditch-crawler has a wonderful time at Queenborough Harbour Trust Traditional Boat Festival