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Stunning Thames steamer Alaska

How to talk like a barge skipper

The British Library is an amazing institution and its website is a tremendous resource, not least because of the wey it can connect people.

Here’s shipwright and barge skipper Rick Cardy, retired barge skipper Pat Fisher and ship repairer and barge skipper Andrew Harman talking about the way they speak in and around Maldon, Essex.

Julie skiffs at Faversham

The skiffs built by schoolchildren at Faversham got launched this weekend! (Click here to read about their building.)

The workshop builder explained about safety, the boats went in the water, the youngsters took turns to get to grips with using the oars, the designer got a turn in one of the, and his brother and wife Julie (after whom the design is named) had a go too.

I should explain that the plans for these boats are free and available fromĀ Well – that was all very good then!

By the way, the little boats are light and easy to handle out of the water and perform just as expected, with little wake and good directional stability – I’d say a little too much and will be arguing that a diagonal cut to the skeg near the stern might be a good idea.