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Charles II arrives at Scheveningen, and sails to England to a huge welcome

Following on from my question about whether the beach at Scheveningen might be the most painted stretch of strand in the world, and from Chris Sonnemans helpful reply, here’s a video Chris made from images of the time…

Thanks Chris!

The manliness of sailors


‘I’ve just finished writing up a paper on images of Jack Tar between 1760 and 1860. I’ve rather fallen in love with Jack Tar. When my analytical brain was idling, I wondered why his figure appealed to me. After all, he’s often thoughtless, drunk, and womanizing.’

For the rest, see:

All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor

Suhaili on the Solent

There’s a little bit of magic here. Robin Knox-Johnston’s famous Round the World boat Suhaili sailing on the Solent a few weeks ago.

This is the excellent Nic Compton’s work and I’ve been far too slow in mentioning his latest books, a BBC-commissioned miscellany titled The Shipping Forecast and Notable Boats, which tells the stories of 40 famous vessels that involved in great adventures.


The reviews look good for both, and here’s an extract from The Shipping Forecast to read