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Basketry in the hulls of Vietnamese boats

Vietnamese boats

Reader Ken Preston has just had a substantial paper published about the basket-built vessels of the Vietnamese coast and you can read it for free online. I’d guess most of us have seen photos, but this is a serious description of the various sorts of boats either purely built of bamboo basketry, or a composite structure consisting of the bamboo basketry supported by greater or lesser amounts of wooden structure.

It seems the boats are more resistant to shipworm than wooden boats, and more able to survive work in surf, and of course they are cheap to make.

Some variants have a long history, while some are localised or widespread. I have to say I do find the outboard-driven round boats quite surprising…

A day on the water, with your motorbike

The Whitstable Maritime project has a new website

Whitstable Maritime website

The Whitstable Maritime ande harbour campaign has got itself a lovely new website.

It is is continuing to work towards creating a viable and sustainable future for the harbour that includes tourism, heritage and education, and a purpose-built discovery centre on the harbour’s West Quay. The project has been the subject of a consultation that seems to have been largely positive – so it will be interesting to see how it progresses.

In the meantime, why not check out the website history page, and consider the navigation notes – apparently the current past the harbour mouth rushes along at up to three notes at half tide…