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British Pathé – The Fishing Village, Sailor Comes Home and Land’s End Wreck Drama

And this, via Fowey boatbuilder Marcus Lewis



NMMC sets up international vernacular craft database

Vernacular craft database

National Maritime Museum Cornwall scholars are assembling a database of details of craftsman-built boats from around the world that are known to be in the UK and are appealing for information about suitable craft that should be added.

See the index here.

Many of those identified so far are held in museum and other collections, but they turn up in some strikingly unexpected places – including a Sri Lankan boat that is part of a shop display on the isle of Skye.

The craft should be essentially craftsman-built rather than designed by a designer or marine architect, locally-built and suitable for local conditions. Most are working boats which were used for fishing and transport.

Slocum at Sea with Himself – the trailers

Slocum at sea with himself

Slocum at Sea with Himself is a new animated film about the solo circumnavigator made by keen sailors Sandra and Paul Fierlinger.

From watching the ten beautifully made trailers (or ‘teasers’), I’d say it rises well above the charming, not least because of the details, which are both included and correct. The music’s nicely done too…

I think I’d rather like to see the whole thing, if I can figure out how to make Vimeo play via our Chromecast. Must ask a young person…

PS – We watched this two hour movie in a single sitting last night, and it was every bit as good as the trailers promised. The task of getting the Vevo film to play on out TV/hifi arrangement via Chromecast was a bit of a struggle, but once I’d installed several extensions to Chrome, it worked – and as I say it was great.