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Van de Statd yacht Morning Kiss for sale

Van de Statd yacht Morning Kiss for sale

My thanks to Fowey traditional boat builder Marcus Lewis for tipping me off about this beautifully named and interesting project boat.

Read about the Van de Stadt company here and here.

How about arming yourself with a cannon for a proper salute?

Saluting cannon


Here’s a fine gift for the yottie who already has nearly everything. And it’s a Herreshoff design too. I think it’s nearly irresistable, though I no idea about the legality of such things in the UK.

Perhaps Hollowshore Cruising Club – my club – should get one? It’d be a blast at social occasions, or am I committing another etiquette faux pas here? (I’m not good at sailing etiquette, which seems to me to belong in roughly the same life category as shaving when a beard will do, cleaning your shoes when no-one will examine them or tidying your bedroom when it’s full of favourite things… )

Arthur Beale’s talk: the history of Whitstable block and yacht fittings maker Barton Marine

RSJ Barton Ltd of Whitstable

The history of East Coast block makers Barton Marine of Whitstable is the subject of next month’s talk at Arthur Beale Yacht Chandlers in Shaftsbury Avenue, London, from 6:45pm on Thursday the 5th March 2015.

The talk is to be presented by  Barton Marine sales manager Christian Brewer.

Barton Marine is well known for making blocks. The company was established as RSJ Barton in 1948 by Whitstable shipwright and boat builder Ron Barton, who was was one of the first to use the fabric-based laminated plastic known as Tufnol, and also one of the first to use stainless steel to make blocks for yachting that were much lighter and stronger than previously achievable.

In the 1960s the introduction of glass reinforced plastic boats brought sailing to a larger audience, and demand for Barton’s lightweight and cost effective products continued to grow.

Ron realised that Tufnol was labour-intensive and therefore costly – so set about re-designing the entire Barton product range to become the first marine company to use a new plastic injection moulding process using revolutionary fibre glass-reinforced plastic materials.

It should prove to be a fascinating tale, and there are rumours that there may be some interesting East Coast marine engineers in the audience.

Book a place by emailing:

The entry fee is £5.00 – but you’ll get their money back if you make a shop purchase to the value of £15.00 or more. Attendees will also get a special discount voucher to use when purchasing Barton Products from Arthur Beale’s.