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Isabella on the Thames

Isabella Isabella Isabella


The Isabella, seen at Henley-on-Thames. A deliciously pretty boat, I’m sure you’ll agree! Her owners must be proud.

My researches reveal little about Isabella, but I think she may be one of the boats called Isabella listed at Jim Shead’s pages.

If I’m right she’s listed as

ISABELLA Built by Xxxxxx in 1988 – Length: 29 feet 2 inches (8.90 metres) Beam: 5 feet 10 inches (1.80 metres). a Diesel Inboard engine with a power of 16HP. Registered with EA Thames Region number W1132 as a Non Hire Annual.

For more from Jim’s encyclopaedic website devoted to Britain’s inland waterways, click here.

While searching for information about Isabella, I once again came upon this collection of photos from the Thames Traditional Boat Rally. I’ve linked to it before, but it’s well worth revisiting many times. Don’t go in there unless you’ve got a thermos of hot coffee and some sandwiches – you may not come out for hours!

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Watertribe Everglades Challenge winners come in

Watetribe Matt Layden’s Sandflea Watertribe Everglades Challenge winners come in

Photos from the start of the Everglades Challenge courtesy of Bill Turnbull

I think I’m right in saying that the boat above right (Southern Skimmer) was the first across the line after 300 miles in two days, eight hours and 56 inutes. That’s impressive stuff! And I’m impressed also with Lugnut and Root’s progress in their Jim Michalak-designed boat.

Check the results and the forum for more news:

Sadly, the weather has proved too much for quite a few boats, and one or two have suffered damage. Be careful out there everyone…

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