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More great songs from Keith Kendrick and friends

Tonight, I think it’s time for a couple more sea songs from the great Keith Kendrick.

The Lowlands of Holland is from his latest CD on the Wildgoose label Songs from the Derbyshire Coast; it’s not a shanty, but a forebitter and designed for a much more contemplative purpose.

The second, South Australia from the album All Tied Up puts us straight back into shanty territory. Keith sings here with the singing trio Three Sheets to the Wind, a top-drawer example of how to perform maritime music for entertainment without betraying the authenticity of the genre. Their approach is raucous yet harmonious and with lashings of zany humour – and, like Keith himself, they are in demand for concerts all over the world.

Lowlands of Holland.mp3
South Australia.mp3

Songs from the Derbyshire Coast and All Tied Up are available from Keith’s CD site:

Keith Kendrick, singer of sea songs and concertina player

Photo by Andrew D C Basford (2006)

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Nelson’s Praise: a legacy of music

Two hundred years after his death, Admiral Nelson continues to fascinate and inspire the British. One aspect of his legacy that is not often mentioned is the fist-full of songs and dance tunes composed in his memory – or at least re-named after him.

A little time ago, I wrote a short article for the English Folk Dance & Song Society’s magazine about this material, and about the kinds of music and dancing that would have been popular among the seamen of Nelson’s time.

For the article, see:


For the magazine, see:

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